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AK-SK1244 for Unicel

sq ft. Spa Filter Maintenance for , Replacement of Unicel , Pleatco

Spa Filter Maintenance
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Sea-Klear Spa Filter Cleaner Spray is an easy-to-use product that greatly improves filter life and efficiency. It is specifically engineered to cleanse suntan oil and grease as well as scale and mineral deposits from spa filters of all types: cartridge, sand and diatomaceous earth (D.E.). Regular use of this product will assure proper filtration.

  • Degreases and improves filter efficiency
  • Extends filter longevity
  • Thoroughly cleans all spa and hot tub filters
  • Great for cartridge filters
  • Made in the United States
Product Dosage:
  • Remove cartridge filter from filter housing and rinse thoroughly to remove loose material.
  • Saturate filter cartridge with water.
  • Spray SeaKlear Spa Filter Cleaner Spray over entire surface of cartridge and let sit for approximately 5 minutes.
  • Rinse filter thoroughly with water before replacing in filter housing.
  • Allow filter to dry prior to placing back into its housing.

(Pro Tip: Eliminate waiting on dry time, keep an extra filter and swop them out. Keeping filters clean will lower power bills, extend filter life and contribute to a consistently clean spa)

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