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AK-SKSBQ for Unicel SKS-B-Q

sq ft. Spa Treatment for , Replacement of Unicel SKS-B-Q, Pleatco

Spa Treatment
9 3/4"
2 3/4"
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SeaKlear Spa Natural Clarifier for Spas will naturally clear cloudy water, eliminate oil, scum, and excess metals, making cleaning filters easier. SeaKlear Natural Clarifier works better and does more than other clarifiers. SeaKlear has been proven reliable at safely keeping pools clear with minimal time investment. The patented formula is Eco-Friendly, 100% non-toxic, and biodegradable. This product is far superior to other conventional petroleum-based products.

You cannot buy a better water clarifier at any price, guaranteed.

  • effectively Eliminates oil, scum and excess metals
  • Compatible with all sanitizers
  • Makes cleaning all filters quicker and easier
  • Trusted as reliable and effective for more than 15 years
  • Made in the United States

Safe to use with all sanitizer systems including chlorine, bromine, salt generators, Nature2, Frog, Cleanwater Blue, biguanide. Enhances ozone purification. Improves the performance of ion-based purifiers by removing the non-essential, stain-causing metals

  • Standard Dosage:Use 1 fl. oz. of SeaKlear Spa Natural Clarifier for each 500 gal. of spa or hot tub water. No premixing required.
  • Cloudy Water Dosage: For especially dirty or cloudy water, double or triple the standard dosage

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