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sq ft. Pool Accessory for , Replacement of Unicel , Pleatco

Pool Accessory
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Ecosavr™ Liquid Solar Fish is an effective liquid solar pool cover product that greatly reduces heat loss and evaporation from your exposed pool surface. Also known as a solar blanket, the Ecosavr™ will save energy in EVERY heated pool.

Ecosavr™ is a small disposable plastic fish containing Heatsavr™ liquid.The product is dispensed through a patented valve in the fin, and forms a transparent, one molecule thick layer on your pool. The liquid is biodegradable, odorless, safe, and undetectable by users.

How to use your Ecosavr liquid solar blanket:

  • Snip the top fin across the dotted line.
  • Squeeze the fish until the air has been evacuated & a small amount of the Liquid comes out.
  • Throw the fish into the pool. It will sink to the bottom of the pool slowly releasing the Heatsavr liquid for about 25 days.

Ecosavr wont affect your pools water chemistry or filter system and is harmless to personal contact.


One Ecosavr™ will cover a 400 sq. ft. pool, which is about 15,000 gallons of water, for 25 - 30 days. Two Ecosavr™ are required for larger pools.

Note: If more than two Ecosavr™ are required, it is recommended that the pool owner or operator considers using Heatsavr™.

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