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AK-SKPOD01 for Unicel

sq ft. Pool Treatment for , Replacement of Unicel , Pleatco

Pool Treatment
7 1/4"
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Product Highlights

Mighty Pods Toss + Go Cloudy Pool Cure is the easiest and most powerful pool clarifying solution on the market today. Toss 1 pod in your pool's skimmer basket to chase away even the cloudiest water emergencies.

Each Cloudy Pool Cure pod is specially designed to replace large doses of clarifier, so if your pool water looks cloudy and dirty, you can leave those bulky bottles behind.

  • Emergency water treatment, Cloudy to clear in 24 hours!
  • Great to use before and after pool parties.
  • The best clarifier available for clean and clear water
  • Saves time – just toss and go
  • No Guessing – premeasured for easy dosing
  • Less Waste – no overdosing and no messy bottles
  • Natural and biodegradable
  • Made in the United States

As always, SeaKlear's clarifier is all-natural and environmentally safe.

Product Dosage:
  • Toss one self-dissolving pod into the skimmer basket per 15,000 gallons of pool water.
  • The process make take up to 24 hours for extremely cloudy water.

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