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AK-SKAP72 for Unicel

sq ft. Pool Accessory for , Replacement of Unicel , Pleatco

Pool Accessory
6 1/2"
6 1/2"
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Product Highlights

AquaPill Liquid SolarPillĀ® Warming blanket minimizes heat loss by forming a harmless, ultra-thin, invisible barrier on the water's surface to reduce evaporation. The majority of daily heat loss is due to evaporation. Its patented delivery system gradually releases the formula into the filtration system to allow for optimum coverage. SolarPill can be used with ALL types of sanitizers.

  • Effortless toss and go application with auto-dispense technology
  • Reduces heat and chemical loss by preventing water evaporation
  • Helps extend your swimming season
  • Lasts up to one month
  • treats up to 30,000 gallons

Aqua Pill Solar Pill enables pool owners to effortlessly prevent pool water evaporation and heat loss.

Enjoy the benefits of a solar blanket without the cost or hassle involved. Solar Pill is not affected by automatic pool cleaners, is safe to use with all pool types and completely biodegradable.

For complete protection against pool water evaporation and heat loss, simply drop into your pool skimmer and its time-release formula provides all-day protection. One pill treats up to 30,000 gallons. Patented Delivery System for Complete Coverage Will not be affected by Automatic Pool Cleaners.

Product Dosage:

Easy to use; simply place in skimmer and let AquaPill do the work for you.

One AquaPill treats up to 30,000

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