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AK-SK1040400 for Unicel

sq ft. Pool Maintenance for , Replacement of Unicel , Pleatco

Pool Maintenance
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SeaKlear Free & Klear for Pools 3-in-1 formula makes weekly pool maintenance simpler by combining three key ingredients: best-in-class clarifier, phosphate remover and enzyme.

Designed to make sure your pool has:

  • Clear water
  • Clean surfaces
  • Low phosphates
  • Guaranteed by SeaKlear

We mixed our famous natural clarifier, phosphate remover, and scum-fighting enzymes in to one convenient solution, which means you don't have to lug around a bunch of bottles just to keep your pool looking good. You get the best results, with way less work.

  • Our 3-in-1 product for year round phosphate control and water enhancement
  • Easy-to-use product effectively replaces multiple bottle systems
  • More effective, removes up to 333% more phosphates than other systems
  • All the benefits of our SeaKlear Natural Clarifier plus much more
  • Residual of broad-spectrum natural enzymes aid in the final clean up of organics and oils once pool water reaches normal swimming temperatures
  • Made in the United States

SeaKlear Free & Klear is an ideal weekly maintenance product to tackle the common issues faced by most pool owners: nutrient loading, lotion and oil buildup and the resulting water clarity concerns. This product uses enzymes to naturally degrade oils and lotions, plus highly effective natural clarifying biopolymers to clear the water and allow the filter to remove pollutants efficiently. Free & Klear will remove 1,000 PPB of orthophosphates in a 10,000 gallon pool, when using 1 full quart. Keeping low phosphate levels helps to optimize the functioning and water quality of swimming pools. Guaranteed superior performance


Weekly Dosage: Add 4 oz. for every 10,000 gallons of water.

(During the busy season, up to 8 oz. per 10,000 gallons may be necessary)

Max Dosage:Use 1 quart in 10,000 gallons to remove up to 1,000 ppb when necessary.

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