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80 SQ. FT. Jacuzzi Brothers C-9480
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160 SQ. FT. Jacuzzi Brothers, Atlantic Pool Products (Canada), Cantar, Competition Pool Products C-9482
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200 SQ. FT. Jacuzzi Brothers SHER 200, Atlantic Pool Products (Canada), Cantar, Competition Pool Products C-9483
Ecosavr Liquid Solar Fish
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Ecosavr is an internationally acclaimed evaporation inhibitor that works as an alternative to conventional solar blankets. After 10 years plus a proven track record in commercial use, the non-toxic Ecosavr containing patented Heatsavr works! They're simple easy to use!How to use your Ecosavr liquid solar blanket:-Snip the top fin across the dotted line.-Squeeze the fish until the air has been evacuated & a small amount of the Liquid comes out.-Throw the fish in. It will sink to the bottom of the pool slowly releasing the Heatsavr liquid for about 25 days.Ecosavr wont effect your pools water chemistry or filter system & they're harmless to personal contact. Use 1 fish per about 10,000 gallons or up to 400 square feet of pool surface area per month. About 80% as effective as a solar blanket without the hassle! Solar Fish
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The unique maintenance tool is ideal for cleaning cartridge/ element filters and DE grids or fingers. Blasts algae, dirt and debris from the deepest, hardest to reach areas. Comes complete with a water-aided cleaning brush and shut-off valve. Simply attach to your garden hose! CWS186
Sea Klear Spa Filter Cleaner & Degreaser
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Sea-Klear Spa Filter Cleaner & Degreaser is very effective in removing oil and grease from filter elements. Oils and suntan lotions collect in the filter and reduce filtration efficiency. 52052
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100 sq ft seasonmaster (Model 141 after 1994) C-5398
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100 sq ft Seasonmaster (Model 141 before 1994) C-5399
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75 sq ft Seasonmaster (Model 131 before 1994) C-5375
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15 SQ. FT. Intex Recreation Model 51/52, 520R/530R- Type B , The wet set, C-5315


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